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Age One Visit – Aurora, IL

The Basis of a Lifetime of Smiles

A child’s smile is a precious, irreplaceable thing. It’s also very fragile and potentially vulnerable to cavities. As such, we at Grand Dental – Aurora recommend that you waste no time in scheduling their first dental appointment before they turn one year old. Every child that visits us will enjoy fully personalized care from a team that’s fully dedicated to making sure their early dental experiences are positive ones. Among the multiple specialists at our practice, our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Shuran Lang, can provide advanced care depending on what your child needs. We’re looking forward to receiving your call to set up your little one’s first visit!

Learn How We Approach Age 1 Visits

Why Choose Grand Dental – Aurora for an Age One Visit?

Why Schedule an Age One Dental Visit?

Little boy on dental chair with female dentist

Many of the most respected dental institutions, such as the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, agree that you should set up your child’s first dental checkup and cleaning within six months of their first teeth appearing. The reason is simple: over half of children who still have their baby teeth suffer from tooth decay, despite the fact that the condition is completely preventable. Regular appointments give dentists a chance to remove plaque, tartar, and other harmful substances from the enamel before they inflict irreversible damage. Waiting too long to begin dental care means that there’s more of a chance that these substances have already started to cause cavities. We can identify tooth decay in its earliest state so that it can be treated more easily.

What Happens During an Age One Dental Visit?

Father brushing young daughter’s teeth with dentist

Since good dental experiences early in life can go a long way towards preventing dental anxiety later on, we will spend most of our time during this first visit helping your child get used to the office as well as our team. During this time, we will carefully examine their teeth along with the rest of their mouths and let you know if we find any developmental issues. Also, we invite parents to ask any questions they might have about caring for young smiles at home. We can go over your brushing technique and talk about the foods and beverages that could potentially benefit your child’s teeth and gums. This is also a good opportunity for you to learn about the different developmental stages your child’s mouth will go through and potential issues you need to be aware of during the process.

What are the Benefits of Early Dental Care?

Little boy brushing teeth with pink toothbrush

Children who receive Year One dental visits and continue to see the dentist on a regular basis afterward are less likely to experience toothaches and cavities. That means fewer emergency appointments and less time being pulled out of school to see the dentist. And of course, your bank account will benefit as well, as paying for preventive care is generally less costly than paying for root canal therapy, dental crowns, and other treatments used to repair and restore the teeth.

Learn About The Benefits of Early Dental Care

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