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Scaling and Root Planing – Aurora, IL

Deep Cleanings for Your Gums

Gum disease affects millions of adults in the United States, and many of these individuals do not know they have it. If caught in its earliest stages, gingivitis, the symptoms can be reversed with optimal oral hygiene habits and regular dental cleanings. However, when the infection is left untreated, more complex care is required. With scaling and root planing in Aurora , our in-house periodontist can use this conservative treatment option and effectively combat the spread of gum disease. Contact our office if you are experiencing bleeding, swelling, and tenderness of your soft oral tissues.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Aurora for Scaling and Root Planing?

How Do I Know If I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

Receding gums in Aurora

Our board-certified, in-house periodontist will need to perform a thorough examination using digital imaging (i.e., X-rays, etc.) to determine if a patient requires scaling and root planing. Depending on the severity of the infection and inflammation, it may be necessary to apply this method of treatment if the disease has spread from gingivitis to periodontitis.

The most common signs that indicate scaling and root planing are needed include:

How Does the Procedure Work?

Scaling and root planing in Aurora

Also referred to as deep cleaning, scaling and root planing require our team to begin by removing any accumulated plaque and tartar from around the teeth and within the gum pockets. This is known as scaling. Next, the process of root planing begins by smoothing the roots of teeth, making it harder for bacteria to adhere and reinfect the area. This also encourages gum tissue to reattach to teeth.

This process is often completed in one or two visits; however, if it is severe enough, a patient might need additional appointments. Also, to ensure individuals are comfortable throughout treatment, local anesthesia, as well as sedation, can be administered.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Man with healthy smile in Aurora

Patients who receive scaling and root planing by a trusted periodontist in Aurora can expect great benefits, some of which include:

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