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Dentures – Aurora, IN

Reliable Prosthetics Designed to Improve Smiles

At Grand Dental – Aurora, our team of experts recognizes how detrimental an incomplete smile can be for a person. Without a fully functional mouth, speaking, eating, and smiling can be difficult. This is why dentures in Aurora are considered a viable and worthwhile investment for patients suffering from tooth loss. Customized to fit snugly and comfortably inside a person’s mouth, these prosthetics have come a long way from the days of early civilizations. Contact our team to discuss the option of dentures to replace your missing teeth.

Why Choose Grand Dental - Aurora for Dentures?

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Couple with dentures in Aurora

Denture candidates in Aurora are individuals who are missing at least one or more teeth. It’s unlikely that someone would be denied treatment, but it is possible that preliminary care may need to be performed before moving forward with any kind of prosthesis work. A thorough consultation with a member of the Grand Dental – Aurora team is expected, as this will help to determine the type of denture that is needed to ensure successful results.

Effects of Missing Teeth

Patient with missing teeth in Aurora

Whether missing teeth are caused by poor oral hygiene or facial trauma, the effects caused by these gaps can cause much discomfort and dismay for individuals with incomplete smiles. Eating, speaking, and having the self-confidence to smile can seem impossible.

As a result, when nutritious foods cannot be consumed because of missing teeth, the body will suffer, resulting in malnutrition. When an individual cannot speak clearly, it can make trying to converse with others increasingly difficult and even embarrassing. When missing teeth lead to the inability to smile out of fear of judgment, it can take its toll on a person mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally.

What Qualifies You for Dentures?

Dentures in Aurora

If a person is missing an entire arch of teeth, they’ll likely be considered a candidate for treatment. If a person is only missing a few natural teeth, they may be recommended for a dental bridge. However, if there is a chance the individual could face additional tooth loss in the future, it may be in the person’s best interest to go ahead and have these teeth removed so that a full denture can be put into place.

No matter the decision, patients can trust that our team will identify the ideal solution and establish a treatment plan to help them attain their goals.

Alternative Tooth-Replacement Options

Implant dentures in Aurora

Should there be a discussion that an individual is better off pursuing an alternative method of tooth replacement, one of the following options will likely be recommended:

  • Dental Bridges – Combining dental crowns and pontics (false teeth), a dental bridge can be created and placed over the top of the gums. These are held into place using healthy adjacent teeth, and the remaining portion of the bridge fills in the gaps of the smile.
  • Dental Implants – Surgically implanted into the jawbone are titanium posts that mimic natural tooth roots. Offering stimulation to the bone to prevent facial collapse, these prosthetics support a custom denture, bridge, or crown that is designed to fill in the gaps in a person’s smile. They’re known for their stability and longevity, lasting significantly longer than dental bridges or traditional dentures.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Implant denture in Aurora

Implant dentures, full dentures, and partial dentures are the three types of prosthetics a person and their periodontist will go over during an initial consultation. Each offers its own benefits, so any of the following options can help a person reach their smile goals.

Partial Dentures

With a partial denture, the base is crafted from a gum-colored acrylic, and artificial teeth are placed on top. Because several non-consecutive teeth are missing, this prosthetic will attach to healthy teeth using metal clips, filling in the gaps in one’s smile.

Full Dentures

When all natural teeth are missing, the only reliable solution is a full denture. This can be accomplished by taking an impression of the mouth and having customized dentures created to fit comfortably. No matter which arch requires replacement (or both), full dentures are held into place using natural suction and additional adhesive if necessary.

Implant Dentures

For a more superior tooth replacement solution, implant dentures are a popular choice. With millions of adults in the United States already living with these titanium prosthetics, that number continues to increase because of their functionality, stability, and longevity (30+ years or more!).

Benefits of Dentures

Woman smiling with dentures in Aurora

When meeting with a dentist in Aurora, they will go over the many benefits of dentures and why they are a beneficial tooth replacement option. While some key points might sound familiar, there are certain aspects and advantages that may surprise each individual.

With dentures, patients can:

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Couple smiling after cost of dentures in Aurora

Patients who are considering dentures to replace their missing teeth often wonder about the fit, the comfort, the adjustment phase, and the cost. Attempting to identify how much a person can expect to pay for this type of restorative treatment is impossible without a consultation. This is why Grand Dental – Aurora implores patients to schedule an appointment to discuss not only candidacy but also the process and the cost of dentures in Aurora. Read below to learn more about how we make the tooth replacement process easier.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dentures

Full denture in Aurora

A denture dentist in Aurora must meet with patients before any decision is made regarding this type of restorative prosthetic. Some of the factors that must be determined before providing a cost estimate to an individual interested in dentures:

  • The number of teeth that are missing
  • If preliminary treatments are necessary (i.e., bone grafting, periodontal therapy, tooth extraction)
  • The types of materials used to create the dentures (acrylic and/or porcelain)

There are cheaper dentures made by various manufacturers and pushed by other dental offices; however, choosing this route will only lead to weakened prosthetics that require more frequent replacement.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Man with implant dentures in Aurora

Implant dentures are more expensive than traditional prosthetics. Their titanium posts must be surgically implanted into the jawbone before they can adequately support a custom-made denture. Because of the oral surgery that is required as well as the longevity they provide, which is often 30+ years, they are often worth the investment for many patients. Instead of seeking new teeth every 10-15 years, implant dentures can remain in place for as long as a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The caveat that comes with implant dentures is that patients must possess good overall health before moving forward with treatment.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dental insurance in Aurora

Most dental insurance companies do offer coverage for dentures in Aurora. Typically, the percentage offered is up to 50%. If a person has met their deductible and has a remaining balance in their annual maximum allotment, the insurance company will agree to pay for a portion of the treatment. This is good news for anyone in need of a fully restored smile but lacks the out-of-pocket funds to afford it.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Mouth and money in Aurora

At Grand Dental – Aurora, our team is pleased to offer patients who do not have insurance with alternative payment solutions: flexible financing and an in-house membership plan. With CareCredit, individuals can enroll in a low-to-no-interest payment plan with no surprise fees. With our in-house membership plan, patients can pay one low price to receive access to high-quality dental care at a more affordable rate and without the red tape of dental insurance.

Dentures FAQs

Woman with dentures in Aurora

The team at Grand Dental – Aurora recognizes that transitioning from missing teeth to customized dentures can spur many questions. It’s not uncommon to wonder what life will be like with a new set of teeth. Fortunately, to help answer some of these questions and provide further clarity, we invite you to review the information provided below. You’ll hear from our trusted experts about the process of receiving dentures as well as what you can do to ensure their longevity.

What can’t you eat with dentures?

Although you will receive some of your bite force and chewing power back, there are certain foods that you’ll need to avoid if at all possible. The reason is that they can damage your dentures or cause them to fall out. These include:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Popcorn
  • Sticky foods (i.e., caramel, gum)
  • Raw fruits and vegetables (i.e., apples, carrots, celery)
  • Nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Gummy candy

Should I have all my teeth pulled to get dentures?

It’s always best to try and repair a tooth instead of removing it, but tooth extraction will be recommended if there is too much damage. Severe decay, an infection, or extreme trauma are other reasons it may be necessary to remove one or more of your teeth. Should your dentist find that all teeth along an arch are infected with decay or gum disease, it may be more cost-effective to replace them with dentures instead of crowns. Also, it’s important to note that there is no limit to how many teeth can be removed in one visit but depending on the complexity of each tooth, it can be more difficult to remove some more than others.

Will dentures change the shape of my face?

Do not be surprised if after losing one or more teeth you begin to notice a change to your facial shape. As the jawbone shrinks, it can cause facial muscles to sag. Ultimately, this can cause a sunken appearance. However, once you have dentures put into place, you’ll notice that there is added support for these facial muscles, giving you a fuller facial aesthetic. You’ll need to make sure that you do not neglect ill-fitting dentures though, as these can cause problems with your smile as well as your overall appearance. It’s best to get them refitted or replaced sooner rather than later.

Can you kiss with dentures?

Yes, you can certainly kiss while wearing dentures, but it does often require an adjustment phase. Because they are new to your mouth, your lips, tongue, and cheeks will need to become accustomed to their presence. When attempting to kiss someone else, you’ll need to be mindful about not kissing too hard, as this can cause your teeth to bump against theirs. Instead, make sure that your kiss gently so that your prosthetics remain firmly in place the entire time.

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