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Metal-Free Restorations – Aurora, IL

Keeping Your Smile Healthy and Beautiful

Metal amalgam used to be the primary material for making fillings and other dental restorations. While metal amalgam is strong and long-lasting, it also tends to stand out among the natural teeth, and it can come with a number of drawbacks, such as making the tooth more sensitive to temperature. Tooth-colored fillings in Aurora and crowns made out of zirconia give patients a way to restore their teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about metal-free options for fixing teeth.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Aurora for Metal-Free Restorations?

What are Metal-Free Restorations?

Metal-free zirconia crowns on black background

While many restorations are still made out of gold, nickel, and silver, the team at Grand Dental – Aurora has largely switched to using materials that match the color and light-reflecting properties of natural teeth to make fillings, crowns, and bridges. A metal-free restoration can be personalized so that it matches the appearance of the teeth around it. The goal is to make it look as if there was never a damaged or missing tooth in the first place. Note that metal-free restorations are still highly durable and can last for many years while receiving proper maintenance.

How Do Metal-Free Restorations Work?

Woman with glasses smiling with tooth-colored fillings in Aurora, IL

The process for placing a metal-free restoration is similar to that of traditional metal amalgam restorations. The process begins with an initial visit where the damaged or decayed parts of the tooth are removed. The next step depends on what kind of restoration is needed. If a filling is being used, it can be placed right away. The composite resin is used to fill in the cavity before being hardened into place with a special light.

When a crown is required, our team will take a digital impression of your smile. An outside dental laboratory will fabricate a natural-looking crown that has been personalized to fit comfortably on your teeth. You will be given a temporary crown to protect your vulnerable tooth until the permanent crown arrives.

Why Choose Metal-Free Restorations

Man with tooth-colored fillings in Aurora, IL outside smiling

Cost of Metal-Free Restorations

Woman in sweater outside smiling with tooth-colored fillings in Aurora, IL

There is no set value tied to metal-free restorations since different people will need different types of restorations, and some might need more than one. Once we have an estimate for you, we can discuss your payment options. Dental insurance usually covers between 50% and 80% of the cost of dental restorations, with the exact percentage depending on your insurer. Our team will work with you to maximize your benefits or pursue alternatives if you don’t have insurance.

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