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Restorative Dentistry for Kids – Aurora, IL

Fixing Young Teeth to Last for Years

Even young teeth can still become decayed or suffer from sudden physical trauma. It’s important to save your children’s natural teeth whenever possible so that they can enjoy the best possible oral health when they grow up. As soon as you notice signs of damage in your little one’s smile, call Grand Dental – Aurora as our pediatric specialist will start planning for a solution. It’s our goal to keep your child’s teeth protected and intact as they continue to grow and develop.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Aurora for Restorative Dentistry for Kids?

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Little girl pointing to smile after restorative dentistry for kids in Aurora, IL

Left alone, cavities only get bigger and bigger over time, which is why fillings need to be placed to fix them as soon as they are identified. This also allows us to remove the bacteria in the inner area of the tooth, which could potentially damage the pulp at the center of the tooth and lead to a painful toothache. By removing the infection and replacing lost dental structure with a filling, we can stop your child’s pain and protect their tooth so that it can be saved for the future. Tooth-colored fillings are generally recommended whenever possible. Not only are they more attractive, but they can be placed without having to make any alterations to the remaining structure of the tooth.

Pulp Therapy

Stainless steel crown on a dental impression

An infected tooth may have to be extracted if it’s not treated in time – and that can have serious consequences for your child’s smile. For example, if a baby tooth is removed too early, it can hinder the underlying adult tooth’s ability to erupt properly. And of course, your child shouldn’t have to endure the pain of an infection. As such, we can perform pulp therapy to remove any infected pulp tissue from your little one’s smile. A pulpotomy only removes part of the pulp while a pulpectomy removes the whole thing. The tooth will be restored with a crown once the procedure is complete.

Dental Crowns

Little boy with tooth-colored filling smiling

A tooth that is too badly damaged, for a filling to repair, likely requires a dental crown. Once placed on the child’s tooth, it will help stop further damage and strengthen the tooth so that it can still be used to bite and chew. The crown will also serve as protection against harmful bacteria so that they don’t attack the pulp and the nerve. Finally, once the restoration process is complete, your child should be able to experience relief from any discomfort or sensitivity caused by the damage.

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